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Hosting & Domains

Hosting & Domains

In order to have a website live on the web for everyone to see, you will need a web hosting plans and a domain name. Web hosting is a term which means housing, serving and maintaining files for a website. Essentially you are renting space on a computer to hold your website and all of its contents, like text files, images, video, blogs, etc. ! !

A domain name is the actual name of your website. When a website is built it is, in fact, given a title code made up of numbers like a phone number for the website. When the domain name is typed in, the website data is located and displayed to the user. The domain name simply makes it easier for the user to find your website. It is a contact name if you will, for your “phone number” to your website. Without the domain it would be difficult for the user to find the data. Website hosting and domain names go hand in hand. In order to have a domain, you have to have hosting and if you have web hosting you have to have a domain name in order to access the website easily.! !

At Phillips360 we sell hosting and domains for some of the most competitive rates in the country. Our rates are affordable and we have contracts ranging from 1 to 3 years or longer. Let us help you save money setting up your web hosting and domain by purchasing them through us. Here’s our store:

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