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How to get your Website Noticed

In a time when technology is on the rise, it is important for any business to have a website. A place where possible customers can see the work of the company and decide if they want their business. It is not enough to simply create a website and have it available for anyone who just so happens to stumble upon it, no, it is up to the business staff to make sure their web page circulates so they can get the maximum number of page hits, and hopefully, customers.
Creating a webpage for your business is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner, however, it requires a great deal of upkeep. It requires upkeep because you want to keep it updated and make sure you are doing what needs to be done to get it seen. So, how does one get their website noticed?
Business directories such as Yelp, Bing and CitySearch, allow businesses to link their websites in order for them to appear on local searches. The more directories a business lists to, the more likely their business will pop up in a search.
Once your website is listed and can be reached easily, you want to make sure to promote it, and to continue doing so. You can use your social media to create posts about your business and your website, making sure to copy your website URL to the post. This way it makes it easier for followers to access your business page. You can also showcase the work you have done on your social media platform(s).
Another way to get potential customers browsing your website is to have a portfolio with all the work you have completed as well as current projects. People want to see your skill(s) and will base decisions of hiring you on previous work. You can have a portfolio on the actual website as well as your social media platforms. Just be sure to have one!
Blog posts are another great way to get your website noticed because typically, when a new blog post is made, it is shared through social media for followers to see. It is important to have a blog for your website to keep customers updated on your business. Regular blog posts let customers and the public know that you are on your website regularly making updates, and it lets them know that you are still around!
Finally, one of the easiest ways to get your website noticed is through word of mouth. If you have business cards, hand them out. Tell friends, family and neighbors and make sure they tell everyone they know! Building relationships with people in your community can help boost your business. Even if someone tells you they are not needing your services, they may know someone who does! It is always great knowing people and getting your name out there.

In today’s time, having a website is necessary to help get word about your business flowing. Be sure to keep it up to date, have valuable content and a portfolio. Maintaining a website can require an extra pair of hands, so do not hesitate to ask for help!

Responsive Web Design: Why you need it


In the world of advertising these days, it is not enough just to have a website for your company. With the explosion of smart phones and tablets, businesses realized they would have to build another website. A mobicadentle website was a must in order to be accommodated on those devices because the original websites’s script was not compatible with different screen sizes; pictures, videos and text becomes distorted and unreadable. And, if that’s not enough, you had to build two types of platforms: one for iphone/ipads and one for android based devices. That’s three different management systems in which one company had to keep up. That is time consuming and can be a little confusing, but if you want your customers to have easy access to you, that is what is required. Finally, technology has caught up with demand. The new kid on the block of web building is called Responsive Web Design (RWD).

RWD is the latest way to build one website with special coding (in layman’s terms) that allows the site to adjust itself depending on what device accesses it. Not only is it economical, it saves time for the administrator of the website to update the Content Management System only once instead of having to update and learning multiple platforms.

So why do levonit? The answer is quite easy; exposure on the internet. According to Jody Resnick, CEO of Trighton Interactive said in an interview, “Responsive websites simplify internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)…..they are easier for consumers to find than traditional or mobile sites because they come up higher in search engines’ rankings. In fact, Google recommends Responsive Web Design because having a single URL for desktop and mobile site makes it easier for Google to discover content and for Google’s algorithms to assign indexing proerties to content.” In other words, your chances of getting on the first page of Google are greater if your website is built with RWD technology.

How much does it cost? Altough Responsive Web Design is still in its early stages it is cost effective in the overall picture and, of course, the benefits of this technology are immense. If your website was built in 2010 or later, you really need to consider contacting a professional web design company to help you rebuild your site. You will not be disappointed and I assure you, in the long run it will save you time, money and headaches.

sky (2)Necessity is the mother of invention and in the world of web technology, Responsive Web Design was born healthy and will thrive for quite a while; until his cooler, faster little brother is born and shows him up on the technology playground.