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Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency To Grow Your Business

Managing a business is not an easy task.  It is complex and Setting up a business can be a complex and tiresome process.  There are several channels involved to maintain a business e.g. finance, administration, operations, marketing, advertising, and many more.  One cannot just handle everything alone.  Additionally, having business growth targets in mind, you cannot simply ignore the importance of digital marketing agency due to online business competition and for business prosperity.  When you look for an undeniable business strategy, you certainly will benefit from digital marketing as it will support you in getting more business revelation.

Digital marketing has changed the dynamics of traditional marketing by setting up your product/service online, to get more business through a wide range of audience approach, resulting in more sales even with a low budget.  You will acknowledge more business development and prospects from your focused audience.

7 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Firm

1. Low Concerns More Focus Towards Your Business

Knowing digital marketing is not what will make you achieve your set objectives.  If you want to protect and enhance the business online growth you are required expert heads to analyze and implement the tactical strategies to overcome the digital competition changing the trends of business growth quite fast.  You have to stop concerning and start focusing on your business.

If you think that you can handle digital marketing on your own, it’s not true.  It is not an easy task.  For the desired results, a team of professional experts working on various aspects of marketing drive is required.  From text to images, graphics, email marketing to social media marketing, SEO, PPC, etc., digital marketing is a combination of various channels that are effective in providing the desired outcome.  Be sure of getting your marketing targets achieved with the support of a digital marketing agency equipped with professionals and concentrate more on other features of your business.

2. Professional Support

Professional digital marketing solution firms implement strong strategies and techniques to catch the eyes of the audience looking for the product.  Hire online marketing professionals, and we guarantee you’ll see the ROI (return on investment) shortly.

3. Budget-Friendly Growth

Hiring a professional and expert digital marketing agency lowers your cost as the agency performs multiple tasks.  Their implementations are analysis-based and targeted.  Digital marketing is ideal for small business concerns.  You get access to the latest marketing instruments without extra investment.

4. Follow the Audience

In comparison with traditional marketing, digital marketing is automated and advanced with an accurate track record of how many people visited your website or saw your ad.  You also get full information on the effectiveness of your marketing strategies for your future analysis.  The data information and management with digital marketing is quite effective in monitoring data and comprehensive analysis.

5. Enterprise Brand Progression

With digital marketing support, you can improve your brand identification through your website and other social media marketing platforms.  The professional digital marketing company will support you administer and modernize your brand and increase its awareness amongst your online viewers.

6. Competitive Evaluation

Knowing your competitors is a healthy sign for future business growth.  Online (digital) marketing provides resilience to analytically assess the market tactics of your contenders and cash the benefits of such analysis.  Digital marketing companies follow closely your competitors to support you in your business development.

7. New Concepts and Techniques

With a handful of previous professional experience, a digital marketing firm is well aware of the market.  It will provide new ideas and techniques that can support your business growth.  Their experts thoroughly assess your business product/service and establish a personalized marketing plan as per your stipulations.

Through appropriate digital marketing, you will get ROI in a short time.  Today, online business development is necessary for business growth.  Hire an expert digital marketing firm today to grow and prosper in a competitive online business market. 


What Kinds of SEO Services Are People Looking For In Growing Digital World

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO contains a variety of channels involved to enhance the amount of traffic on a website organically.  SEO plans support websites to rank high in search results for the appropriate keywords.

For instance, if a user looks for a golf kit on Google, the user will type “where to buy golf kit.”  If you run a business selling golf kits with a website online, you get your site optimized to be shown up on the search engine results page (SERP).

Kinds of SEO Services a Business Require

SEO comprises a variety of services.  There are several kinds of SEO strategies.

  •  On-page SEO
  •  Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

 Let’s have a look at the above-mentioned SEO types!

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an important feature of SEO.  It refers to optimizing components on your website that you manage directly.  On-page SEO methods are important and you must apply the techniques on your website to appear high on related search results.

Some essentials of your website you can optimize for on-page SEO are:

URLs:  The web address of the page must define its content and include a relevant keyword.

Title tags:  A title must be explanatory and include keywords.  Also, the title has to be attractive for users to click to read more.

Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions define the content of your page within 160 characters.  It is shown below your title in search results.

Alt tags:  Alt tags refer to the contents of your images so that visitors and search engines can understand them well.

Heading tags:  Heading tags are used to split your content into categories.  Heading tags are the best place to insert related keywords.

Content:  The content of the site must be user-friendly.  The site content must be pertinent and supportive to your audience.  It must comprise appropriate keywords and additional characteristics like multimedia components.

Links (internal):  When the pages of your site are linked it becomes easier for users and search engines to find the pages.  Linking pages internally enhances the administration of new pages and improves their rating.

Design:  Design is the prompting factor to attract users to your site.  A professional, moderate, clear design is important to have users engaged and to improve ranking.  An improper and uninviting design will make the audience leave your website, damaging your ranking.

Navigation:  Easy navigation plays a significant role while users look for what they require on your website and like to stay on your site.  When a user leaves your website without spending time on it, it leaves a bad impression on your website ranking.  Smooth site navigation.

Some of the significant methods of on-page SEO include user-required content, appropriate keyword installation in URLs, headings, and title tags.  Smooth navigation to make your website more user-friendly.  An astatic website design to attract more users for a pleasant and useful website experience.

Off-Page SEO

This is a type of SEO that consists of features outside your

Undoubtedly, as your website essentially require on-page SEO, the importance of off-page SEO cannot be denied.  Off-page SEO plays an important role in your website link generation.  This involves link-building features outside of your website.  For a generation of backlinks, off-page SEO is quite a notable strategy.

Backlinks are the linkage of your website from other websites.  Google assesses the qualitative quantity of links to your website to understand the repute and relevance that affects search result rating.  It also helps search engines to locate pages on your website, crawl and index them.

Types of Links

Organic Links:  Your site content found by other sites on its own is known as an organic link.

Constructed Links:  You obtain constructed links when you boost your content to others and they link to it.

Off-page SEO is optimized toward enhancing the qualitative quantity of organic and constructed links to your website.  The off-page strategy includes establishing effective linkable content like infographics, approaching bloggers and asking them to link your content in a post, and content sharing on social media to make a strong grip.

Technical SEO

It covers all of the technical facets of your website that focus on supporting search engines crawl and experience your website, it also enhances user experience.  It involves hosting and site speed to XML sitemaps, and meta robots tags.  This is one of the types of SEO that every website requires.

It gives the surety of your site indexing and supports you in making your on-page and off-page SEO. 

Improved technical SEO includes improved website speed, updated robots.txt files, XML sitemap, tackling duplicate content, and responsive website design.

Local SEO

Applying SEO techniques for location-based searches is called local SEO.  Local SEO techniques focus on search and analysis based on specific locations.  Most of the keywords used in local SEO to rank high includes phrases like near me, around, and also include the name of cities and other areas.  For instance, if you run a gym in your local area, SEO can support you to be ranked in the top three searches with specific location-based keywords on Google search pages.

As per the nature of business, it requires a different kind of SEO service.  Business with Local SEO is important for any business with a physical location and local presence.  Local SEO techniques comprise of Google My Business listing with updated business information assurance, photo addition, and introduction.  Location-specific keywords in your content.  Motivating customers to have a review of your product/services online.

For increased visibility and to have online lead generation, you are required to have effective SEO tactics.  The business website is a must, and on-page, off-page, technical as well as local SEO are essential for your website to let your business achieve the set market goals.


Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social Media Marketing

Reaching out to customers in a competitive market is not an easy task.  Social media has played an important role in reaching out to new customers and has emerged as the most appropriate and demanding channel to attract customers.  You can locate customers for various enterprises on social media.  There are various social media platforms available, it might get difficult for you to select the right one for your business.

There might be a consideration or desire to use all social media platforms, but as a matter of fact, some social media platforms are more appropriate for marketing than others.  You have to make sure that you are using a suitable platform by assessing your focused audience.  This is how you can make your drive more effective in relation to customer approach, conversion, and returns.

Social Media Marketing Platforms


Facebook has almost 3 billion active monthly users, making it the number one choice.  Ads Manager Service by Facebook provides you the opportunity to create ads that target users as per their gender, age, location, relationship status, interests, education, device usage, purchasing behavior, etc.  Every company has a Facebook page, just make sure that you regularly keep your Facebook page updated.

Through Facebook marketing, you can send a targeted message to encourage your audience to take specific actions like buying your product, reading your blogs, referring to a friend, etc.  Also, you can use your social pages to engage customers directly through a status update, messaging, uploading photos, or videos.


Twitter has an average of 217 million daily active users.  It is a fast-moving platform, users go on Twitter to get updated, and the latest information.  This makes Twitter a platform that suits companies publishing original content regularly.  Twitter is a great platform for its users to share links to pages and blog posts.  Sharing informative and useful content from other sources will make a good reputation for your business.


LinkedIn is known as a social networking platform for experts.  You can use it to update your customers on your business, recruit new team members, and connect with industry partners. Since it’s a professional network, it makes the best choice for B2B social media marketing. Forbes ranks it as the best platform for generating leads, and it accounts for 46% of the social media traffic that generates on company websites for B2B firms.


Instagram is a platform that visually attracts the audience.  It is not a text-rich platform.  Instagram allows links within the posts.  Instagram is said to be the best source that allows your business to reach its audience through photos and videos.  You can post product pictures in use and ask your followers to share the same.

Hashtags by Instagram are another good source for marketers to capture a broader audience, through Instagram stories or Instagram video features.  Instagram also offers advertising choices for businesses and they are accessible through Facebook.


YouTube has over 2 billion active users.  YouTube is the best social media source to create tutorials and presentations.  If your firm is competent in making its content, YouTube is the best platform for user connection.  You can also use YouTube to host videos to be put on your site. Visual content is a powerful source for attracting visitors.


Pinterest has over 431 million monthly active users.  Pinterest is a social medial platform for product sharing.  Pinterest significantly supports businesses to have their products purchased.  Pinterest is important for eCommerce businesses.  For promotions, you can upload photos with precise descriptions and links to your product page.  Having built-in product promotion features, Pinterest is said to be the easy and responsive support for businesses.  It also provides marketers a smooth and easy way for guiding traffic to their product pages and engaging prospective customers.


For run-time upgrades and fostering events, Snapchat is the best platform.  For businesses that require to promote a product launch, conference, or seminars, Snapchat is a good source for them to promote video/photo posts for 24 hours.

It provides geotags (custom/branded) for marketers to promote events in specific areas for a certain period.  It is a famous platform for the younger audience, specifically students.

Snapchat has 319 million daily active users.


The social media platform TikTok is reported to have 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

This social media channel supports businesses through viral trends and shows your business scenario.  It shares with the users’ short videos for multiple purposes.  These videos might be media promotions, tutorials, creative tips, etc.  TikTok also supports businesses with its advertising features for product/service promotion.

It is significant to have an updated strategy.  This requires constant assessment of your struggle.  With a regular view of your social media activity, you get a real and accurate view of your efforts.  This audit and assessment of your efforts refine your performance and you change your crusade accordingly.  This continuous social media evolution provides better and refined options to compete in a challenging digital marketing world.


Importance of Digital Marketing in today’s Business

There was a time when digital marketing was only a new way of marketing.  It was said to be a new advertisement source through which goods and services can also be promoted.  Quite frequently, everyone realized that the benefits of digital marketing are beyond that.  It became a significant part of what business is to its customers.

Just having a website or some bleary ads is not enough now.  An incorporated digital marketing scheme is important for any business to survive the fierce marketing competition.

As the internet has made the world a global link, the importance of digital marketing is quite obvious.

This global link has changed the way we used to share information with everyone, connections have transformed the way of buying things, finding out about events, and has changed the way of expression in every field of life.  People stay online, most of the time, or anytime this is the cause that digital marketing has changed business promotions and product/service marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing for a Business


A website is possibly the lone quite significant marketing instrument and is the business source where people get attracted and show interest in your business and experience the website through all required information.  Do you have any idea about how many people have visited your website?, the source of their attraction towards your website, are they coming through organic research, PPC (pay-per-click), email drive, or social media campaigns?.  Over time, you can assess and analyze every piece of information, real-time information monitoring, data measurement, and also about marketing information reaching the right user.


For small and medium-sized businesses, digital marketing has widened the marketing arena all over, making them enter the ground to play with large enterprises with its accessibility. For example, boosting your post in a cheaper way through social media channels can be put at a particular group of people.  You get a better reach to a large audience globally.  At a low cost, you get a huge response.  A banner on a website cost quite less compared to a traditional advertisement and reaches more audience.  The data generated information through these online marketing techniques provides facts and figures to analyze and assess cost efficiency and response.


In just a click, you get your message delivered out there in the virtual world.  In comparison with the long process of getting your material printed and dispersed, putting a post on Facebook or your website hardly take minutes.  You can manage and control e-newsletters sent out whereas traditional advertisement can take days to be placed in a newspaper and you don’t know how many people reached it. 


In a speedy world today, get a strong fringe to promote your business with digital marketing.

The most important benefit of digital marketing is that it engages business with the prospect.  You can interact with your existing customers and prospective customers, solve their queries and settle matters.  You can also attract a vast audience, getting knowledge of buyers’ behavior, buying trends, requirements and satisfaction.  By getting your audience to share pages you can enhance your profile, and get their endorsement in the process.

Get your customers to stay updated on issues and questions regarding your product/service and their interaction with the support of actual time online marketing.  Stay sharp in competitive online marketing for prompt response to queries and customer satisfaction.  You can also assess competitors’ options and provide a better option to the customers so that you stay stable at the sharp end of the marketplace.

Simply, digital marketing is far ahead of just business promotion – it is imperative.


Are Digital and Social Media Marketing Essential to Business

Essentiality of Digital and social media marketing for a Business

There is a significant shift in the way a business attracts its customers.  The scenario has changed from traditional marketing to online marketing, benefiting the growth rate.

In fact, the marketing strategies have not changed completely, but the latest techniques from marketing professionals have a significant impact on the changing marketing trends.

The internet has changed the market scenario.  Digital marketing has become the principle for business growth.  Your business growth depends on successful digital marketing.  Without digital marketing, there is no future for any business.

If you want your business to lead, have exposure, and significant sales you need to have proper digital marketing.  At the end of the day, your target is to have increased returns.

To experience business development and increased sales, you have to rely on digital marketing.

Forms of Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The marketing strategy that requires a business to focus on increasing its website ranking on search engine platforms is called search engine optimization.  As your website ranks high on Google’s SERP (search engine result page), the chances of your brand growth increase.

Content Marketing

This strategy is effective in attracting more potential customers to visit your site as they get the relative information (content) that they require.  The effectiveness of your website depends on the content you have put on the website.  The desired content, fulfilling the requirement of the audience will get more traffic.

Email Marketing

The most adaptable and effective source of digital marketing is email marketing.  Email marketing is said to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for getting maximum ROI.  It includes sending customized emails to a specific audience or to previous customers.

Social Media

Business promotion with the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more is a digital marketing strategy called social media marketing.  The said platforms are utilized by businesses to foster brand awareness by making useful content.   These platforms are also used as communication platforms by businesses with their customers.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

This type of marketing strategy gets paid traffic to your website.  The marketer will pay the publisher for each click against their ad.

Video Marketing

This is the most effective and famous method of marketing.  With effective video marketing content, there are high numbers of chances of getting customers to your business.  There are various means you can benefit your business from video marketing.  You can benefit from it by promoting your brand/product, showing your business, and sharing testimonials and stories.

Importance of Digital Marketing for your Business

Your Customers are Online

The number of internet users is increasing remarkably day by day.  Your business exposure is important in getting customers.  The online market is the best source of business exposure.  As people get knowledge about your business they desire to learn more.  They require to check your online presence to confirm your business exists.  If they don’t find you online, you might lose them to be your customer.

Prompt and Budget Friendly

Digital marketing is fast and cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing.  For a business having a low budget and fewer resources spending on traditional advertisement is not enough.  On the other hand, with digital marketing, your small business can start the process immediately. 

Improved ROI

Doing marketing online either paid or free has a good return on investment. It’s possible to have a higher conversion rate or return on investment because most of your customers can be seen online.

With the focus on your target audiences, you can make a policy that you need to make your leads into customers.

The Competitors are Already Involved

With your competitors already doing digital marketing and having more traffic on their website.  It is important for you to have your business supported with the latest marketing techniques.  Keep a check on what your competitors are doing and consider implementing a better strategy.  Experience what they are doing and assess how you can create a better scheme to attract more customers to your website.

Customer Approach

Another significant aspect of digital marketing is that it makes you create a sound relationship with your customers.  Customer service is said to be the key factor of digital marketing service.  Experts in marketing services build a strong customer relationship by promptly answering their questions, solving any issues customers face regarding the product/service, and making them regular customers.  Good customer relationship makes significant growth in your business.

Mobile Usability

Everyone today uses mobile for research or scrolling through social media.  Digital marketing supports your product/service to reach out to these people who perform every search through their mobile devices.  Digital marketing opens the window of countless opportunities for businesses to have more customers through mobile devices.

Brand Reputation

Digital marketing provides businesses the chance of a close and harmonious relationship which leads to good communication.  It provides you the best opportunity to express to your customers what your business is and how it can help and support their requirements.

Increased Revenues

Digital marketing provides businesses with a higher return on investment and a good conversion ratio.  This leads to higher revenue.  It gives the unique opportunity to invest less and promote more.

Digital marketing is ideal for businesses to get promoted today.  It is significant for any business competing in a competitive environment.  It is vital in revealing your brand/product to a huge audience to let your business grow.  With the support of digital marketing, you will acknowledge how much potential your business has to grow in the market. 


  Why Choose Phillips360 for Your Social Media Marketing

Why social media marketing company is the need of the hour for business promotion

If you require to look for a new source for lead generation and sales promotion and you want your business to earn digitally, start thinking of investing in social media marketing for your business growth.  Social media is a platform that consists of several channels to promote your business digitally.

Why choose Phillips360 for your social media marketing

If you have a clear objective to grow your business you must talk to SMM experts at Phillips360 about how your set goals can be achieved.  We create quite a pretty moves to attract more audience and to promote your product/service through social media marketing.

The motive behind our services is to support businesses to stay ahead of the competition, this is a strategy that makes us significant, and attractive for business concerns

Reasons why to work with Phillips360

Through our dedicated and effective social media marketing tactics, we establish a worthwhile network means for your digital marketing requirements.

Partner with our social media marketing firm and get the benefits


We perform analysis and assessment to create a customized social media scheme for your business. We create a significant strategy, as per your business so that the dormant audience gets attracted on social media.  Our social media marketing method is to form a social media plan not only to support your business type but also to mesh with an audience you are not aware of.

Committed Team Managers

At Phillips360, we designate particular planners as per your business requirements, needs, and social media marketing objectives.  You get services from multiple social media marketing expert heads working on your product.  Our online marketing managers are approachable through mail or phone to reply to any queries or to engage in conversations.


The social media marketing team at Phillips360 continuously obtains knowledge about your admirers to know who they are, their behavior, and what makes them attract more.  With such assessment, we find out ways to engage more like them.  With our social media content, we keep the present audience engaged and get new supporters attracted.

Comprehensive Onboarding Method

Our social media marketing experts provide a thorough social media marketing scheme analysis at your drive initiation.  We do this to make it easy for you to understand what real tactics will be applied to accomplish the desired objectives.  Also, from the beginning, we determine your targeted objective to make sure that we are on the same path.

Vibrant Social Media Marketing Scheme

Advance your social media commitment and marketing with a result-oriented strategy accurately designed to suit your requirements as per your budget.  Our social media marketing experts detect your focused audience to generate an efficient social media digital marketing strategy that leads to greater ROI.  We take benefit of the data management tools to enhance tactics and focus on particular keywords and brand-related subjects.


In-depth expert reporting measures at Phillips360 include social media drive reports that provide a complete view of your social media execution. We also offer a monthly analysis of the social media duties we’ve performed and the time we’ve spent to support you observe your ROI.

Market Experience

Phillips360 has several markets experiences like B2B and B2C.  We provide your product with a strong social media presence and online standing through persistent research, tracking, and adjustment to online directions and resources.


Prestige and association are very important for business having a vast experience.  We work closely with our clients and become a part of their team.  Our objective is to provide perfection, not for a limited period, but for the long term.  All this starts with outstanding service.  Try our service today!

Return on Investment

Our social media marketing objective is to get the best return on your investment.  We focus on lead generation, increasing online sales.  Our social media experts work on increased visibility so that your business gains more opportunities for conversion, and create good customer relationship for your business goodwill.  Every effort we perform with the aim to have a good return on your investment.

There is a clear marketing shift to a digital world, old tactics of conventional marketing have almost ended.  As the online market competition grows faster, organizations strive to get more business.  Advance your social media marketing strategies before your contenders sphere the digital market.

Phillips360 is here to support you flourish your business through social media marketing and benefit your business with new transition possibilities.  Our marketing tactics on different social media channels will provide your business with long-term growth benefits.

what is seo

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is essential for growing an online business.  What is SEO, how it functions, and its ability to develop potential traffic for websites, is what every webmaster must know.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of norms for optimizing your website so that it can attain higher rankings in search engine organic results. SEO is a procedure to pursue an increase in the visibility of your website in search engines and earn additional traffic.

There are two main objectives of SEO

  • Let you acknowledge what the audience is looking for online in order for you to build specifically high-quality content to meet their purpose.
  • It supports you in making a website that search engines can locate, index, and comprehend its content. 

Moreover, ensuring good SEO customs is a “way to go” in increasing the quality of a website by making it user-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate.

Major Tasks:

  • Determine what users are looking for online that is relevant to your products and services
  • Make a user attractive content. 
  • Using expert SEO techniques as effective indicators to search engine crawlers and algorithms.

SEO is supposed to be an absolute structure as it is a complete process with a number of rules, a number of phases, and a set of reigns.

Why is SEO needed?

Today, the market is full of competitors.  SEO is the need of the hour due to the competitive market. 

SEO serves millions of users per day looking for a solution to their queries or for problem resolutions.

SEO supports you by providing a free targeted traffic approach from search results to your website, blog, or virtual store.

Significance of SEO:

  • Most of the search engine users (above 70%) click on one or more of the top 5 recommendations in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Your website is required to appear in one of the top positions, to benefit in gaining more audience for your website or potential customers to your online store.
  • SEO is not only to rank high on Google search results but improved SEO practices mean better user experience and functionality of a website.
  • Search engines are the reliability for the users and as your site ranks high for the keywords users search through, your website gets user trust. 
  • SEO supports your website promotion on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and other social media as users once find your website by Google or Bing likely promote it on social media channels.
  • A search engine optimized website makes a significant difference as compared to a website without SEO of the same product.  SEO optimized website will get more customer attraction and ultimately will support in generating more sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as Your Website Necessity

Support in establishing your brand

Mostly, branding is considered a conventional marketing method while SEO is the completely digital way of marketing but actions are the same.  Assess the methods required in site optimization, the elements are alike. You are required to make content that suits the audience’s concerns.  Afterward, try ways to obtain links to that content from other sites.  For this purpose, you can choose keywords suitable and make content in accordance with your product/service.  This will energize your online presence with respect to your product/service — and will support you to develop it with your target viewers.

More audience is the reward for an optimized website

Apparently, the objective of SEO optimization is to enhance the ranking of your website in search results.  More importantly, the target is to attract more traffic — to be transformed into customers and leads


Why pay for ad space when you are served with SEO.  Ad-supported websites are shown on top of the first page of search results as well as organic searched websites are also shown along with ad-supported sites without paying a cent for ranking.  Ad-supported sites are shown for a specific time as per the agreement.  On the other hand, organically managed sites stay as long as maintained organically. 

Search Engine Optimization is intricate, at times challenging when you are involved in local SEO where competition is quite hard.

Most of the small businesses look for SEO within their area as they require survival in stiff market competition. 

Strategy, analysis, and endurance is required to obtain an outcome that you require with search engine optimization

It will support you in promoting your reliability, enhancing traffic, and increasing your online appearance.

SEO is a smart way to enhance the target user experience with your product.  User-required content is key to your successful position in the market and your business will become a helpful resource for the target customers.  SEO supports social media promotions of your product services as SEO is a vital part of digital marketing services.

Conclusively, working on your site optimization will provide you to easily monitor and assess your target objectives —you’ll be effectively managing your digital marketing budget.

SEO is the best way to reach your marketing goals and this is the answer to why you and your website need search engine optimization.

Buildsafe Environmental Website

Buildsafe is a is a locally-owned environmental consulting firm designed to provide peace-of-mind and environmental compliance services to clients engaged in remodeling, renovation, abatement, and mitigation projects. But also one of our favorite clients. And we are very proud to show off their custom designed website.

Not only does the admin have the ability to create pages with ease.  We also designed in cool scroll over features such as the buttons below the slider on the homepage.

Buildsafe website


These buttons along with the navigation bar give this site a very unique look.


But see for yourself.

You can see the site at

Looking for a web designer in Tulsa, OK?

When looking for a web designer, web developer, or web design company in Tulsa, OK there are many things to consider before starting your search. Our company, Phillips360, is a Tulsa, OK based web company that has over 30 years of  first hand knowledge of the process of building a website from client acquisition to the final product. Given our experience, we have a unique perspective of the entire process that our clients have gone through to find their Tulsa web designer of choice.

The first thing is to determine if your site needs to be static or dynamic. A static website is a site that is only the front end design and what the public will see. In a static website, there is no Content Management System that manages the content that appears on the front end of the site. However a dynamic site not only has the front end design, but also has a Content Management System where the site administrator can login and manage all of the content that is displayed on the front end. Even in many cases the Content Management System will handle automated processes that happen behind the scenes. For example, a Content Management System can send auto-reply emails, or handle orders and inventory on an ecommerce site, or the Content Management System could handle automated proposals, invoicing, and payments. Keep in mind that a static website is generally much cheaper than a dynamic website.

Once you have decided whether you need a static or dynamic site, the second thing to consider when you’re shopping for a web company or web designer in Tulsa, is what pages you will need. It is always helpful to be prepared with how many pages you need, what text and photos you want to appear on each page, and what are the names of the pages. This will allow Tulsa web companies to have a better feel for your vision and probably enable them to quote your job faster and more accurately, and probably more competitively.

After you know what kind of site you want and have the pages you need collected and written, it is time to start the shopping process. The third part is shopping web companies online. When doing this, there are many factors to consider. And depending on your ultimate plan for your site, your personal preferences will come into play.

Tulsa Web Design, Tulsa web company, tulsa virtual tours,


Here’s a list of things to consider:

  • Does the Tulsa web company’s or Tulsa web designer’s portfolio reflect the type of design style you want for your own website?
  • Does the Tulsa web company or Tulsa web designer able to provide both web design and development and/or programming to accommodate your needs?
  • Does the Tulsa web company or Tulsa web designer use their own Content Management Systems, or do they use open source CMS’s like Joomla, WordPress, etc.?
  • Does the Tulsa web company have a reputation for service and communication? A lot of times Tulsa web companies are very good at what they do creatively, but lack in service and communications. This can be a nightmare as someone who wants a website done efficiently.
  • Does the Tulsa website company have a good reputation? Are they a BBB member? What is their rating? Do they have client testimonials or references? How long have they been in business?
  • Given your budget, does the Tulsa web designer allow you to make payments on the site?

Some advice:

  • How fast a Tulsa web company responds to your emails, gets you proposals, makes necessary changes etc. is a good indication of how well they will communicate and respond to any issues and launch your website faster. Communication is key for both the Tulsa web design company and the client.
  • When selecting a Tulsa web designer or Tulsa web company, don’t always choose the cheapest proposal. There is always someone out there that will do things cheaper, but that doesn’t always necessarily mean you will be happy with the final product.
  • Try to stay away from hiring any Tulsa web designer or Tulsa web company that doesn’t have at least 3 years experience in the industry. At Phillips360
    we end up fixing many Tulsa websites where the previous web company could not complete for hiring someone who said they could do the job and couldn’t, or where Tulsa web Designers just lose contact altogether from the client.

We hope this was helpful, and please feel free to contact us either via our website at or at 918.409.2359

In the beginning…The Story of Phillips360, a Tulsa Web Company

We get asked all of the time, “How did you start your company?”, or “What led you guys to start this company?”. And I guess this is a fairly typical question to be asked of a business owner. Our story is as unique as it is common. Some of123 the same story traits that you would find with any business start-ups, but with a few twists and turns along the way.

The story begins at a low key bachelor party in southern Oklahoma. A mutual friend of Mike McMahon & Ryan Phillips, Jason Porter, was going to get married soon, so we had to head south and celebrate the occasion with a bunch of old friends, acquaintances, and some unknowns. There was a large log cabin that was rented and plenty of booze and entertainment at all times. There was golf, fishing, corn-hole(bean bag game), drinking, laughing and good times had by all. Throughout the entire weekend, Mike and Ryan hung out and traded ideas etc. One night, after quite a few drinks, Mike and Ryan overheard a conversation about starting a business, and began somewhat serious talks about some of the ideas that were thrown around previously. They decided that the upcoming Monday was time to really get serious about pursuing one of the ideas.

With Ryan’s experience from utilizing 360° virtual tours for the sales of cars online and Mike’s background in film, digital media, and technology, it seemed like a natural fit to start a virtual tour business. As with any start-up, we went through the gauntlet of getting all of our ducks in a row. First it was logo design (the first was a terrible logo, I’ll admit), then the website (not too bad), then the invoice designs, letterheads, etc.  After finally getting situated with the necessary due diligence of getting a business started, Mike and Ryan were ready to go.  Although it was a sole proprietorship under Phillips360 at the time, Mike was technically a sub-contractor. (We didn’t know what the hell we were doing.)

Obviously clients don’t just come flocking to a new business when it opens. It was going to require networking, getting jobs, building a reputation, building a portfolio and earning peoples’ trust.  Luckily going in, Mike and Ryan understood that there is a negative stigma, and we knew we were going to have to develop a trusted reputation and have competitive prices to make a dent in the market.  Phillips360 was literally giving away jobs just to build some kind of portfolio and reputation. Jobs that we would charge $1000+ for now, we were doing for $250 and sometimes less.

Mike and Ryan were particularly interested in going after the golf course 360° virtual tour niche since they both love golf and were hoping they could travel around taking virtual tours of golf courses and hoping to get to play for free. This obviously didn’t work out.  But one day we got a call from Dr. Bradley Garber, an experienced plastic surgeon in Tulsa. Dr. Garber wanted us to build a website for him. Since this wasn’t necessarily what the business focused on,  Mike and Ryan were a bit apprehensive of taking on the job. After a few discussions we agreed to build Dr. Garber’s website and produce 360° virtual tours of his office. The site ended up turning out great and Dr. Garber was very happy with it, and he still gets compliments on it to this day. At this point Mike and Ryan decided there was a much larger market for doing websites than there is for doing strictly 360° virtual tours. This is the first real turning point in the business and Mike and Ryan have not looked back since.

Since then, Phillips360 has incorporated and Mike and Ryan are both shareholders as well as executives. Phillips360 now focuses mainly on web design, web development, 360° virtual tours, graphic design, and multimedia. Phillips360 has become one of Tulsa’s leading web design companies and has even won a few awards in that industry. Phillips360 continues to produce high quality, professional web solutions at very competitive and affordable prices.

The true testament to Phillips360′s success was their ability to adapt into a market, and sustain itself even through much adversity. Phillips360 continues to provide Tulsa, Oklahoma and many other cities professional web design, web development, and 360° virtual tours.

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